Organic Care to Make Sure the Grass Is Greener on Your Side

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. If you find that, then it is likely that you are simply not looking after your lawn properly. In fact, go have a chat with your neighbor “on the other side” and they will probably tell you that they have a professional lawn care service to help them, and that they only use organic materials. So perhaps it is time for you to consider the same.

In this country, lawns are something to be taken seriously. In the past, it was seen as something only the rich were able to have. However, Richmond, IN’s Elwood McGuire invented the push mower in the 1870s, making lawns accessible to everyone. But to this day, $17 billion is spent each year on landscaping and lawn care.

The Principles of Good Lawn Care

One of the key reasons why you should consider hiring a professional lawn service, is because they understand how to look after a lawn properly. One of the most important things they will do, is make sure that your lawn is mowed to the right height. That will make all the difference in how good your lawn looks. The only time a lawn needs to be mowed short is to winter prep it, at which point the clippings should be left for nutrients and fertilization.

Another thing you can enjoy as a customer of a professional service is that your lawn will be watered when it needs to be. A lot of people water their lawn frequently, but they don’t use a lot of water. This is actually the opposite of what should be done. The lawn should be watered regularly, yes, but not too often, and it is very important that it receives the right amount of water. If the soil can only get superficially wet, then the root system will not be able to expand and build itself up.

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What you will see when you research True Green, is that they do a lot more than mowing and watering. They will also fertilize your lawn the right way, using organic fertilizers only. Furthermore, they will determine whether your lawn simply needs to be raked, or whether it is necessary to aerate it, depending on the season and expected weather. Last but not least, they can resolve all of the common lawn problems such as yellow grass, rough or bare spots, brown grass, weeds, and pests.