Top Tips on Road Tripping Around Europe

Europe is arguably the easiest continent to drive around for tourists, with many countries in close proximity to one another, plus the fact that the road infrastructure throughout Europe is second to none. There are a huge range of epic road trips which you can take on in Europe, from Route 500 in Germany, Trollstigen in Norway, Route One in Iceland and The Ring of Kerry in Ireland, all very accessible and all very beautiful drives. Kwik Fitare currently launching a great campaign which is proving road trips around Europe, plus road safety tips, and in line with our partners we want to talk a little about some tips which you’ll need if you too want to take a road trip around Europe.

Prep Work

Ahead of both the road trip and each day of the road trip, it is absolutely essential that you have checked your car over to make sure that it is fit condition for the upcoming adventure. A check up will consist of making sure that tires have treadand are properly inflated, the battery works, all lights on the car are operational and also that the fluid levels are where they should be. Many European road trip destinations have remote areas, so breaking down will not be a pleasant experience, a check up can help you to avoid this.

Packing for Emergencies

You never know when something will go wrong in the car, so you should always prepare for the worst. Make sure that you have a comprehensive first aid kit in the car, as well as a spare tire and the tools with which to fit it. Along with an emergency kit, it will also make sense to pack a tent and sleeping bags if you are going to be out in the wild. Having a kit for emergencies which features these items will be essential.

Planning the Route

You may wish to deviate from the route from time to time, but your destination should be set in stone, and you should let people know where you are heading and when you should arrive. The reason for this is simply so that if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, you won’t be stuck for too long before someone notifies the authorities.

DigitalĀ Help

Don’t solely rely on GPS or digital devices to help you with your route, you should also have a map handy, in case something should go wrong with your tech equipment.


Finally you shod make sure that you have plenty of entertainment packed with you for both in-car and out of car fun. This could include downloading movies and music for passengers and also making sure that you have a frisbee or a ball in the boot to keep everyone going.

Pack well, plan extensively, stay in contact with people and have the time of your life!