Trugreen Reviews the Best Tips on Saving Money While Having a Beautiful Lawn

It is possible to have a beautiful green lawn without having to pay a fortune. There are many things that you can do yourself and you may also want to consider signing up with a professional lawn service like True Green. Doing so may cost a little bit more money, but when you consider how much properly maintained lawns increase the value of your home, it quickly becomes clear why becoming a customer of a lawn care service may be a good idea. In this article, Trugreen reviews some of the best tips to look after your lawn without breaking the bank. And if you find this review helpful, do comment to let them know. It will help not just make sure they have things right with this review, but will help future reviews as well.

Trugreen Reviews Top Cheap Lawn Care Tips for Spring

In spring, you need to make sure that your lawn is properly cleaned. You can hire a professional to do this for you, spending anywhere from $100 to $500. However, you can also decide to purchase a rake and some trash bags, totally no more than $50, trash fees included. Alternatively, you can rent a de-thatcher for a day, costing between $60 and $120.

Next, your lawn has to be aerated. A professional will charge between $90 and $400 per day for this. However, you can rent an aerator for a day for between $80 and $150 as well.

Third, you have to start overseeding. This ensures the dead spots have been filled. All you need is some seed and a spreader, with seeds costing between $5 to $100 for a five pound bag.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you fertilize the lawn and that you spread pre-emergent granular. You can expect to pay around $20 for a bag that covers around 5,000 square feet. If you live in a crabgrass area, make sure you treat this as well.

Early Summer

It is during this time period that you might start to see broadleaf weeds. If so, spread a feed granular to get rid of it. The added benefit is that it fertilizes at the same time.


At the start of the summer, spread some more fertilizer and make sure there are no insect infestations. If there are some, then you need insect control. During summer, your lawn will be under a lot of stress, so make sure you water it properly. If you aerated properly, most of the water will actually be absorbed.


Fall is the perfect season for lawns. The night starts to cool, there is frequent rainfall, and dew is present on the morning. This is when your lawn can recover from the stress. Do make sure that you feed the lawn again at this time and that you treat the weeds. The feed and weed control should have plenty of nitrogen in it.

As you can see, having a beautiful lawn isn’t costly. You should speak to a company like TruGreen to determine whether it is  cheaper to work through them, or to do it yourself. Don’t forget to put a price on your time, however.