Services for Seniors

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Appraisal and estate services - independent third party valuations can be helpful in establishing values for personal property and household contents for purposes of estate valuations, settlement of inheritances, insurance losses and equitable distribution.

At-home personal services includes areas such as Concierge Services, Household Financial Management and others and can be found by clicking the link on the right side or with this link At-home Personal Services

Computer repairs and maintenance


Downsizing and personal property disposition - help is available to assist in the downsizing and/or disposition of property. This can include arranging for the move of household goods, personal effects and furnishings including packing for safe transport, as well as Estate sales.

Emergency Systems includes Emergency Identification Systems, Personal Response Systems and others and can be found by clicking the link on the right side or with this link Emergency Systems

Family Legacy Books - create your storytelling experience complete with spoken words and photographs, documents, or articles into a beautiful heirloom-quality book.

Funeral services & management - as we reach the ultimate destination of life, we need to prepare for our farewell and clarify the numerous decisions that need to be made. Meeting with a funeral director can help formalize our wishes as well as investigate issues of advance financial arrangement options. Our personal preferences as to burial or cremation, viewing (or not), organ donation arrangements, where and how funeral services should be held, etc. are among the items a funeral director can help implement.

Hair and styling salon

Home accessibility devices

Home renovations and repairs includes alterations to make homes adaptable to life situations, including aging in place, disabilities, etc.


Mobile Health Technology - devices and accessories to record and recall important medical information for doctors, emergency situations, etc. The categories can be found by clicking on the link on the right or the following link Mobile Health Technology

Personal improvement Personal services includes areas such as Driver Safety & Evaluation and Job Placement & Recruitment can be found by clicking the link on the right side or with this link At-home Personal Services

Real estate services - brokers or agents provide a valuable service in helping determine a fair and reasonable price for a house, whether you are buying or selling, and can assist with determining the right location, house size and other parameters. Simple ideas to improve the value of your home.

Transportation services - whether it be local trips to health providers, airports, shopping trips or longer journeys, a car and driver can be quite helpful. To find your local provider, you can click on the link on the right or follow this link at Transportation Services