Is Your Parent the Next Identity Theft Victim?

When you have a parent or parents who are senior citizens, you no doubt worry about them as they get older.

With that in mind, it is important to look out for them in many different ways.

Sure, you may well be most concerned with their healthcare needs. That said there are other areas of concern that should get equal attention.

So, could your parent be the next identity theft victim? Or will they suffer an injury while behind the wheel? Could they end up being the victim of a home break-in?

Yes, you have things to have concern about when your parent or parents get older.

Protecting Those You Love

When it comes to protecting your elderly parents, keep these pointers in mind:

1. Healthcare – There may be a time when you need to start giving parents advice as it pertains to their health. You might also consider going with them to their family doctor appointments. Although they may be of a sound mind, having you along can be comforting to them. You can also hear first-hand what the doctor is advising them as far as their healthcare.

2. Finances – One of the dangers seniors face more so than those younger is identity theft scams. Unfortunately, many seniors fall victim to such scams on a regular basis. When it occurs, it can damage their financial well-being or wipe them out altogether. Their best defense besides commonsense is looking for an identity theft protection service. This can protect them both online and offline. Take a look at LifeLock plans for individuals and other such reputable companies. In doing so, you can give your parent or parents a layer of protection that is second to none.

3. Driving – One of the most difficult things a senior can do is giving up their driving privileges. In doing so, they become reliant on others to get them around. If your parent or parents are facing this issue, handle it in a delicate way. Remember, this is not an easy step for your loved one to take. As such, it is always best if they can do it on their own terms. Unfortunately, some senior citizens will be stubborn and not want to stop driving. In those cases, children or even a doctor or the state will have to step in. Although you hope it never comes to that, do your best to talk through the matter with your loved one.

4. Safety – Your loved one’s safety at home means making sure they get around home without falling. It is important there are no obstructions like wires or bumps in the carpet that could cause them to trip and fall. The same holds true for floors that may be slippery. Also be sure their bathrooms are safe and secure. As key as safety is when it comes to objects and appliances, do not forget personal safety from intruders. If your parent does not have a security system, they should give it serious consideration. You might even encourage them to get a dog if they are capable of taking care of it. By giving them extra layers of security, there’s less of a chance of a break-in taking place.

In caring for your parent or parents as they get older, will you have all the answers to keep them as safe as can be?