Regaining Smoother Skin the Laser Way

Laser treatment is a procedure that has been widely touted in the media for years. More accurately, it’s a family of procedures. Lasers can be used to treat many skin issues, but they are perhaps most famous for helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sags and fine lines. If you have such problems, you may be able to regain smoother skin the laser way.

What is the Laser Way and How Can it Smooth Your Skin?

Before you line up your first laser appointment you need to know what the laser way of treating wrinkles and related skin issues is. It isn’t simply a matter of zapping wrinkles away. Lasers actually make changes to skin cells in an effort to promote healing, but that healing process can take days or weeks. So, trying to smooth your skin instantly using a laser is bound to leave you feeling disappointed. One of the keys to laser treatment success is patience, especially since you will need several treatments as well.

Will Removing Wrinkles with Lasers Work in My Case?

Every case is different. So you will have to undergo a skin assessment from a clinician before you will know if laser treatment will work for you. But the laser family is composed of some of the best quality equipment in the skincare industry. The lasers used for skin tightening come in varying strengths. Some are good at treating one or two wrinkles. Others provide full revitalization in the treated area to promote tightening from within. So it is likely that some form of laser treatment will work for you.

Exceptions can occur based on the current state of your skin. For example, if you suffer from acne or other skin diseases lasers may aggravate the problem. You may also need a stronger type of treatment, such as surgery, if your skin wrinkles have already progressed to a severe level. Age can also be a factor. As you get older your skin loses collagen. If your skin no longer has enough collagen you may benefit more from the injection of fillers or other skin smoothing methods.

Can Lasers Treat Your Body Part?

Another question you may have is can lasers treat your body part? What if the wrinkle isn’t in a popular treatment area? The answer is you are probably still eligible for treatment, as long as the wrinkles are mild to moderate. Lasers are versatile and can be pointed at almost any part of your body. However, the thickness of the skin in the treatment area will impact the type of laser the clinician uses and the strength of the treatment.

What Will Happen at You Laser Appointment?

If you are worried about going in for your first laser appointment you do not need to be. The process is quite simple. First your skin will be cleaned and may have a numbing lotion applied to it. Then the technician will begin the treatment by pointing the laser systematically at the area or areas to be treated. As the process continues, cool air may be used to keep your skin at a somewhat comfortable temperature. However, it may still feel quite warm and be a bit red for a while after you are done.

When the appointment is over you will be told how to care for your skin when you go home. Follow those instructions carefully to protect your skin while it heals. For example, it will be prone to becoming sunburned during the healing process. So you will either have to stay indoors or wear sunscreen. Soon you should begin to see some improvement. Eventually, you will have smoother skin.