Activities to stimulate your brain as you age

It is undeniably important that you need to look after your brain. Exercising your brain can improve focus and memory and can even prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Both mental and physical activity are vital as you age.

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Learn something new

The best way to build new synapses in the brain, improve memory and prevent illness is to learn something new. Some great ideas are learning a new language or learning a musical instrument. You are never too old to learn something new and there are plenty of resources online to help you, such as apps or YouTube videos.

When you are learning something new, one great way to make it stick is to try and teach it to others.

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaws are great exercise for your brain. Whether you are doing one with 100 pieces or 10,000 pieces, flat or 3D or online. Research has shown that jigsaw puzzles are great exercise for your brain.

Card Games

Card games can increase brain activity in several parts of the brain, and as a result, it can improve memory and thinking skills. They might be a great activity to do with friends or family or you can play on your own. Consider pairs, solitaire, rummy, and poker.

Build vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary will keep you sounding intelligent and is also a great exercise for your brain. It can help with both visual and auditory processing. Read new things, write down your ideas, look up unfamiliar words, buy a word of the day calendar. When you have learned a new word, try and use it the next day, so you don’t forget it.


Learning dance moves also increases your brain’s processing speed and memory. Go to salsa, swing or hip-hop dancing lessons. You can also find online videos to learn from. This is a great mental and physical exercise and is a great way to make new friends!

Listen to music

Listening to upbeat music can increase creativity and brainpower. Take the time to do nothing else but listen to music.


When we sleep our brain does not rest, it’s busy processing what we have learned that day. Your brain needs rest, that’s why meditation is so important. Especially in a world with so much over-stimulation. It also reduces stress and anxiety, both of which are unhealthy for your brain.

You can find guided meditations on YouTube to help you.

Shake things up

Don’t stick to the same routines. Try and do things differently from time to time and visit new places and meet new people.