Travel Tips for Older Travelers

Traveling is not just for the young millennials, or couples on their vacation. In fact, traveling gets better the older you are, because you’re not saddled by a lot of daily stresses that deluge the modern age and with a wealth of knowledge, you can appreciate the experiences even more. 

Age does play a factor, but it’s mostly relegated to peripheries like staying away from hostels and getting to bed earlier. There are also quite a few people who think of older travelers as an easy target, which is why in this article, we’ll take a look at ways to look after yourself and your health while traveling. 

Image used with permission from Pexels– 50+ couple reading a map overseas

Insurance is top priority

Travel insurance is essential for anybody regardless of age, but if you’re over 50, it ought to be downright mandatory. Nothing could be worse than being stuck in a foreign land and getting injured or sick without money for the hospital expenses or a way to return home. Insurance usually costs like $200 more to your expenses, but its well worth it in our opinion.

Don’t weigh yourself down with gifts

Yes you have a lot of people back home that you care about, but adding more and more weight to your luggage early on in the trip is not a good idea for your comfort later on. Just sent some photos here and there, maybe even some canvas printed ones but leave the gift buying for the tail end of the trip.

Image used with permission from Canvas Factory – Elderly couple travelling light

Be a little guarded about your movements

While hotels are generally safe, there are lot of people who hang around touristy areas waiting to pounce on unsuspecting travelers. So be aware of your surroundings, and don’t make your absence known by hanging “clean the room” signs. Make use of security chains and try to get a room a near the elevator, and call up the reception to get your room cleaned.

Be careful of your diet

Many older people have sensitive stomachs and are on a diet. So while it’s easy to just let loose with your food intake because you’re on vacation, there could be consequences to that. So skip those spicy tikka masalas and watch what you eat, especially if you have health issues or plan on going to Asian countries.

Mind your Medications

You may lose your money, but make sure your medication stays safe and you are in compliance everywhere you go. Do not pack them in the checked in luggage or leave it out in the open. And always carry more than you need incase there’s a delay or you lose any pills. Write down the dosage and generic names of the medicines just incase there’s an emergency.

Let people know

Always stay in contact with your family and friends, and let them know where you’re at. Not only will they be comforted with the knowledge that you’re safe, but they could also reach you in case of any emergencies. Having your emergency contact details sorted out before you go is imperative. Don’t forget to keep a cheap, spare cellphone at all times.

Choose the right shoes

While you may want to look fashionable, keep in mind that comfort trumps style. Heels and uncomfortable trainers could leave you in agony for days, and maybe even cause injuries. Try going for flats or sandals in warmer climates.

Be a little inconspicuous

Don’t carry around a lot of money or show off your “bling”. Touts and criminals are always on the lookout for targets and even wearing a moderately expensive watch or bracelet attracts them like bees. Moreover, if you go to street markets or local shops, you’re more likely to be fleeced due to the perception that you’re rich.