Apps That Can Help You to Stay on Top of Your Health

Unfortunately we all have to face the fact that Father Time is unrelenting and each minute, day and month that passes, we age that little bit more. Such is the way with life, when most of us start to reach a certain age, the risk of health problems increases by the day. Thankfully we are living in a good age, relatively speaking, and we have the blessing of cutting edge technology at our fingertips which medical professionals can use to keep us in shape, and which we can use to ensure we stay that way.

I am of course, talking about apps, specifically apps which can help us to stay on top of our health and make sure that we are fully aware of how our body is functioning. For this reason I wanted to share with you some of my favorite health apps.

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Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker

One thing that I have struggled with in recent years is high blood pressure and if you are in the same boat as me then you will find this app to be perfect. I measure my blood pressure daily at the same time, and I input my systolic and diastolic BP as well as my heart rate. Within seconds of adding my details, it brings up a chart to match my blood pressure to previous days. The great things about the app for me is that if I think my blood pressure is looking too high, I can instantly send a data report to my local doctor.


The level of pills which I take daily is growing and if I turn out to be anything like my mother, it will continue to do so. In order to help me stay on track of which tablets I am taking and when, I like to use this novel app. The app basically gives me a reminder of what to take and when to take it, it uses color coding to make sure I don’t get mixed up and I can add and remove tablets should they ever get changed. This is a really simple app but one which I depend on each and every day.


They always tell you not to Google your symptoms if you have something wrong with you as it always appears as though you may be dying. The thing is, for the older generation, symptoms are a great deal more important and instead of searching around on untrusted websites, you can get the information straight from a doctor. The WebMd app has been put together by medical professionals to ensure that you get the most accurate description for what your symptoms could mean. Whilst I haven’t been forced to use it for anything serious as yet, the level of information which it has could easily help someone in identifying a problem with speed.

Do you like to use applications to stay on top of your health? Let me know which are your favorites in the comments section below, I’ll give them a whirl!