Sports Which The Older Generation Can Still Get a Kick Out Of

Whether we like it or not, as we age, we slow down a little bit, our joints get stiffer and flexibility isn’t, let’s say, our strong point. Now, in our day to day lives this is not always a big problem and as we do age, we adapt our lives to fit in with our capabilities. For those of us however, who love to play sports, we need to be a little more selective in terms of which sports we continue to play.

If sports are something which you love to do then I would definitely recommend that you keep up with them, aging does not mean that we should stop doing what we love and exercise is vitally important. Unfortunately, not every type of sport is on offer for us all and so we need to be sure that we stay with something manageable, something like any one of the following.

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Lawn Bowls

The slow pace of lawn bowls may keep the youngsters away but it is the perfect sport for the older generation and one which can provide a great deal of fun. If you haven’t played this game before then don’t be fooled by the seemingly lethargic approach of the players, this game can get very competitive and whilst you may lose the high paced action of other sports, the will to win is just the same.


Tennis can be an intensive and hard fought game which may not be befitting of the older body, but it depends on who you play against. If you can manage to play some doubles with 3 others of a similar ability to you, then you can enjoy all of the spoils of tennis, without risking any bodily harm.


Golf is truly the game for all ages and many men and women will play right into their 80s. The key will be to adapt your swing to your body’s abilities and whilst you may not be smashing the ball 350 yards off the tea, you can still be measured in your approach, even if you’re not long. There are tees which are set further forward for those without heavy power and you can even bag a golf cart for the long journey around those 18 holes.


Swimming is a great exercise for the older generation and one which can be done without a high risk of injury. The water’s support ensures that all movements are slow and steady, so no jolts which could knock out a hip! When you go swimming you can do so at your own pace and make sure that you feel comfortable swimming as much as you can. The added benefit for us elder generation is that we can pick and choose when we swim, so as to avoid the mayhem of the kids divebombing in front of us. If you are looking to stay in shape, swimming is a great way to do so.

Don’t think that just because you can’t run the 100 meters or play 90 minutes of soccer that you are past it, there are many sports which you can get involved in, regardless of age.