Cool Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends For This Fall

If you are looking to give your home an exciting makeover this fall or winter, we have put together some of the top design tips that you could look to incorporate in your new-look home. Each year the expert interior designers of this world put together the hottest and newest trends for each season, and taking from their inspiration and in conjunction with our partners Chill Insurance,  we wanted to share some of the hottest tips that you should try to think about when re-styling your home.

Oversized Florals

A feature wall in your home can really make a lasting impression, and add a real boost of style to any room. This year we are in love with oversized florals for feature walls, wallpaper and paint styles with huge flowers and plants on a large scale. You can compliment the feature wall with additions such as large plastic flowers in the home, or even real ones if you so wish.


For many years we have been warded off putting too much gold in the home, as if you get it wrong, it can result in a home which looks a little trashy. This year however, gold is most definitely in, and using it for wallpaper options or the carpet, can really add some style and class to your home. Much like the metal, gold products seem to cost a little bit more than most, so be sparing with how much you use, remember that a little goes a long way.


Adding different tones of the same color can have a great impact when done right, but this is not a style feature that lends itself to too many colors. When we think about pink, and the range of tones which you can add to the home, it makes for the perfect color to use for layering each tone on top of each other. A dark pink carpet with two-tone pink walls for example, is a beautiful look for rooms like the bedroom and living room.

In The Navy

Blue is a color which will always be in style, but this fall and winter, it is navy that we all should be looking to bring into the home. Navy has a real stylish, regal quality about it and better yet, it works with all manner of styles and colors from gold to chrome, jet black to brown, and also with a wide range of natural colors.

Bright Shapes

In terms of cushions, artwork and bedding, bright shapes are the best look to go for this year, and one which will certainly perk you up when you are in the throes of a grim winter. Bright shapes work in just about any room, and for anyone looking to re-style their home on a budget, this will be the perfect style option.

These are just a handful of hot and new styles which you should be looking out for when giving your home a makeover this year.