5 Things You Need to Know When Getting Arlington Solar

For those living in “Agg-Town,” or Arlington, Texas to outsiders, solar must have been a consideration for some time now? There are plenty of sun rays to capture and loads of money to save, so it’s a no-brainer!

But what do you need to know about Arlington solar energy before you commit to this renewable energy source?

Well, we’ll run you through five common considerations that are relevant to homeowners across the country. But we’ll be more specific in some ways about getting Arlington solar panels. So let’s get to it!

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Is Your Roof in Good Condition?

Before you even think about roof solar panels, consider how old your roof is and whether it’s in good condition. If your roof needs maintenance or needs replacing, you should think about doing that first.

The thing with solar is that once the panels are up, they may stay there for a couple of decades or more! So, what’s the point of installing them when your roof might need serious attention pretty soon? You’ll end up having to dismantle your panels at extra expense.

Shop Around and Compare Quotes

Ensure you do your research and talk to a few solar energy companies in the Arlington region before you put pen to paper. You can even ask them to break down the individual costs involved to make detailed comparisons between companies.

Furthermore, check out customer reviews online. Trustpilot is one reliable source for reviews across various industries, including solar installation. Google is another good source.

We did a little research and found this solar panel installer to have top reviews on Google, and you can learn more about them.

Avoid the Cheapest Options

While you may think you have gotten yourself a killer deal, think again when choosing the cheapest option. When you think quality solar panels should last you well over 20 years, it will be questionable whether the cheap ones you get can stand the test of time.

Instead, maybe aim for the middle ground in terms of pricing versus quality. When you are asking for quotes, ask the solar installer about the parts they use. You can then research them later on the internet and find out which are higher quality than others.

Check for Warranties

There are three main warranties you should aim to get with your solar contract:

  • Installation warranty
  • Solar panel warranty
  • Inverter warranty

If you don’t have all three of these available, you should doubt who you are employing to install your solar energy system.

Government Tax Credit

Everyone in Arlington should know that you can get a tax credit from the government right now if you go solar! The tax credit is 26% if you get a system installed between 2020 and 2022.

After 2022 the tax credit will drop in percentage. Then the credit is expected to be phased out by the government.

The Arlington Solar Revolution

The solar energy revolution is upon us all, and Arlington solar is no exception. Follow the tips we’ve given you in this point as a good starting point when considering opting for solar, and get ready to save some dollars in the long run if you do!

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