Peter Zieve on the Benefits of Giving Back to Your Community

I read a recent story in the Mukilteo Herald recently about the fact that we don’t see enough people giving back to their communities, at least in Mukilteo, Washington. This was something which I have actually written about on my blog in recent years, and it is an important point that many need to understand. I was at a business convention last month in Seattle and had the chance to speak with Electroimpact chairman Peter Zieve, a man who regularly gives back to communities here in Mukilteo with a sports program and another program which supports those most in need. During our chat we spoke about the need for giving back to the community and most importantly, the benefits that it can have, and I wanted to share with you the key points which Peter made.

Closer Community

Communities are being eroded and we now live in times where we are being separated rather than being brought together. When you give back to the community however you can be part of bringing the community together again, something which has a huge amount of benefits. In fact we can easily draw parallels between the lack of community and the rise in many areas of crime and socio-economic issues. If we work together as one we can help out even the poorest in our communities and rise up together.

In Our Own Hands

To anyone who is waiting for politics to help them out they may be waiting for a very long time, and we have seen before that a camping promise to help communities, rarely come to fruition. The fact of the matter however is that we don’t need to politics to come to the aid of communities, we can do that on our own. When you give back to the community, either through donating money or time or even conjuring up excellent programs like Peter, we can bring the community together and try to overcome issues which are facing us.


When you give back to the community you will be kickstarting a cycle of goodwill which can carry on for future generations. Someone who is greatly helped by a community program or some support in the local community is going to be more inclined to want to give back the they begin to do well for themselves. This cycle of appreciation is something which you can be part of starting, and that can carry on for generations.

Feeling Good

Helping others, especially in your own community is something which will make you feel very good about yourself. This of course would never be the motivation to do something but it is certainly a benefit which you will feel. Being kind to others is a wonderful attribute to have and it will give you a nice feeling when you do so.

Why not try and do something that gives back to your local community?