Victoria Mondloch – What Makes a Great Doctor

Although it is fair to say that all doctors have a certain greatness about them given the job that they do, there are some who truly own the tag of being great. One such person who falls into this category is Victoria Mondloch, a woman who has inspired me throughout my time at medical school, I even wrote about her in a recent journal! Victoria is a specialist in family medicine here in Waukesha, Wisconsin who also works within the fields of gynecology and obstetrics. When you spend time with someone like this you can tell that they are a medical professional who has achieved greatness and here is my take on what makes a great doctor of medicine.

Desire to Improve

There are many doctors who will gain their license and then become somewhat complacent in there approach to the job. The difference between these doctors and someone like Dr. Victoria J Mondloch is that she was never satisfied with the knowledge that she had and she has always been trying to improve her knowledge and her abilities. This is not easy to do when you have patients and targets to meet but that is what the great doctors do.


Here in Waukesha Wisconsin, Victoria J Mondloch is known for being more than a doctor, but also a great leader. She works on the board at the hospital where she works and she regularly contributes to journals and leads younger doctors, teaching them how to be the best that they can be. Again this is not something that every doctor does and many of them shun responsibilities such as the ones which Victoria has taken on.


Something else which Victoria is heavily involved in is the advancement of medicine and she has done a great deal of work with scientific research for new ways of dealing with gynecological issues. The input from medical professionals when scientists are seeking new treatments and new technology which can help in hospitals is absolutely vital to them and this is something which Victoria has done off her own back.


The care that the doctor provides for her patients is second to none and she has statistics which blow most other doctors out of the water. The fact that she is able to constantly deliver on her targets despite the wide range of responsibilities which she has taken on is a real measure of the woman and the doctor that she is.

Greatness is not something which you can chose, it is something that you are and when Dr. Victoria Mondloch goes about her day here in Wisconsin, she is not thinking about being great, she is solely focused on being the very best doctor can be. Within this mindset therein also a real sense of greatness and humility which not many people or doctors possess.