Understanding Breast Cancer & Its 6 Symptoms

Every year many women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer. This cancer is common and can include people of any demographic group or race. Once only thought to be a disease that women developed, men are now at risk of having cancer. There are multiple types of such cancer, & the symptoms will vary for each. Women already know of the classic symptoms to look for, which includes a lump or a change in the size of the breast. This can differ from person to person. The various types of breast cancer can often have the same symptoms.

The types of cancer are Invasive Breast Cancer, Ductal Carcinoma Cancer, Lobular Carcinoma cancer, Inflammatory breast cancer, Metastatic breast cancer, Papillary Carcinoma cancer, and Triple Negative breast cancer. Some of the symptoms remain the same except for the Ductal Carcinoma cancer, which rarely has a lump or nipple discharge. A mammogram usually detects these cases.

The Lobular Carcinoma does not have any symptoms, and it can not be detected with a mammogram. It is mostly found when a doctor is doing a biopsy on the breast for another reason. It is important to get breast cancer treatment for any form of breast cancer as soon as possible. Early detection & early treatment are the keys to surviving this disease.

There are six symptoms that are common for all of the other forms of breast cancer. Self-breast exams are essential for all women. Every doctor will explain how to do a self-breast exam if you do not know what to do. Many women make this a ritual during their shower, or while lying down. The symptoms to look out for are mentioned as follows:

  • Skin changes such as redness or swelling in both breasts.

  • A change in the shape, or an increase in the size of one or both breasts. There could also be a change in how the nipple looks.

  • A discharge from the nipple that is not regular breast milk.

  • Pain in the breast, or on the breast is generally one of the first symptoms that many women overlook or ignore.

  • A lump or a node on the inside of the breast is a definite reason to seek a diagnosis and treatment.

  • A change in the way the breast feels to you. It may be hard, very tender, or warm to touch.

Some women may experience skin irritation or itchiness in the breast. It is best to see a doctor if any of these symptoms are present. The likelihood of having several of these symptoms at one time is very rare. You could have risk factors that can make you more susceptible to breast cancer. One vital factor is family history. Current health conditions, depending on what they are, could also put you at risk of the disease. One of the forms of breast cancer, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, has a symptom where the breast surface will appear ridged or pitted like an orange. This form can also cause swollen lymph nodes above the collar bone, or under the arms.

Breast cancer if the most common cancer found in women in the United States. The cancer is formed in the breast cells. Advances have been created for support for funding research, and breast cancer awareness to help diagnose and treat the disease. The survival rate for such cancer patients has increased, and the number of deaths from the disease is on the decline. This is due to early detection, personalized treatment options, and better comprehension.