Dressing Your Age, Smart Fashion For Over 50s Males

Fashion for men became a great deal more popular in recent years than it did when I was a youngster and, as my grandchildren keep telling me, it is something that we all ought to be a little more conscious of. For that reason, since I turned 50, I have tried to keep my eye on how I dress and ensure that I am wearing the right clothes for my biggest critics, my family.

I actually really enjoy to stay in style and it has become something important to me over the years. Even though I no longer work, I like to dress up and look good each day and here are some tips on helping you to do the same.

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Dress Your Age

As someone who has been there and tried it, I would not recommend that you try out some of the gear which the younger generation are wearing, even if you have seen it in a magazine. Even if you can pull off a youngster style, it will not be becoming of you and you should instead intend to dress your age. Baggy jeans, garish colors and rock-star styling is not the only route to being fashionable and if you really want to look good, then you can do so whilst still looking your age.

Read Magazines

Such is the power of fashion, you can get great ideas from reading magazines and websites that are directed specifically towards someone of your age. There are loads of great ideas that I pick up from these articles and if you want to stay on top of your style, you should take inspiration from elsewhere.

Listen to Your Family

More often than not, your family, specifically the females, will be the first to tell you when you do and don’t look good and it is important that you listen to them. If someone comments positively on a sweater or a shirt you are wearing, try to find another in the same style or the same color. Equally, if someone tells you that you are wearing a color that  doesn’t look right, get it changed quickly. Put faith in those who know better than you when it comes to fashion.

Be Prepared to Sacrifice Comfort

As we get older, we often opt for comfortable or functional clothing choices which is in the main, the antithesis of fashion. For this reason it is important that you understand that you may occasionally have to suffer for fashion and whilst you may look great in that new coat, you will have to sweat beneath it in order to look good. Taking on fashion as a real style choice when it comes to your clothing may occasionally require some self sacrifice, and you need to be prepared for it.

How do you like to stay fashionable in your later years? Do you have a family that is perpetually embarrassed by your clothing choices? Let us know your fashion dramas in the comments below.