Helping Your New Dog to Feel At Home

When you first get a new dog, be it a puppy or a dog that is older than that, they will have a period of adjustment which you will have to manage carefully. The shock to the system can be difficult for dogs and it is your responsibility to make sure that they get settled in well. Dogs can react differently in these situations, some will be withdrawn others may be aggressive and some may simply be quite sad about their new situation. Much of the worries will be fixed in a few weeks once the dog knows where it can eat, drink and go to the bathroom, but dogs are also much more emotionally intelligent than this and will also need a few other things from you so that they can feel at home.


Routine is a huge part of a dog’s life and you should try and find them a routine as soon as you possibly can. Take your dog for a walk at the same time each day, feed them at similar times each day too. Dogs learn very quickly what things mean and so once you grab their leader in your hand for example, they will know that they are going for a walk. For this reason you need to keep things consistent and try to get into a similar routine with your pooch so that they can feel more comfortable.

Love and Play

If you don’t give your love and pay with them regularly, this can cause an emotional disconnection between you and the dog, you will also be missing out on a great deal of fun with them. Try to find jus 20 minutes each day to give your dog a good scratch or belly rub and to play some fetch or some other game with them. Doing this will not only ensure that your dog feels at home but it is also good for their mental health.

Material Possessions

Dogs like things that are theirs and you should try to pick up a few bits and pieces for them that they can call their own. I like to be fashion coats for my dogs from the Hello Doggie collection who make some great pieces. Equally I also like to buy each of my dogs their very own color-coded leader and collar so that they know which one is theirs. Many view buying things like this for their dogs as some kind of proxy narcissism but I like to think of it as buying my dogs gifts, something which helps them feel much more like my home is theirs and something which also makes them feel loved, as well as a little bit stylish in their own right!

Getting a new dog back home is not easy and throughout the transition period you need to keep things nice and calm and shower your new addition with love.