How Seniors can Increase Their Safety in Their Golden Years

As we get older we need to be more concerned about our safety. Young people can be risk takers and push the limit in terms of their safety. Because they are stronger and their reflexes are quicker they can count on themselves to get out of tough situations where they might otherwise be seriously harmed. If they are harmed, they can count on themselves to heal quickly. Seniors do not have this benefit. Instead they must do everything that they can to avoid injury, because as we age our ability to bounce back from injury is greatly diminished.

There are some common sense things that we can do as we get older too help avoid injury and improve our safety. If you are a senior citizen, here are a few for you to consider and implement in your life. 

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Buy a safer car

Not all autos are equal in terms of their ability to protect you in an automobile accident. As a rule, lower-priced automobiles do not have the same high level safety features as more expensive models. There are also certain car manufacturers who put an emphasis on safety. Seniors should aim for these car manufacturers because driving their cars will do the best job of protecting them in the event that they are in a car accident.

One model car that stands out in this regard is Mercedes Benz. The entire line of Mercedes Benz automobiles utilize the latest safety advances and are tops in their class in terms of safety. If you test drive a Mercedes Benz, the salesperson will point out the car’s safety features and you will be amazed by the focus that Mercedes Benz has placed on driver and passenger safety. And each year the cars improve, because the company has a commitment to implementing the latest safety features.

Eat at better quality restaurants

Food safety should be an area of great concern for seniors. Some food-related illnesses can be fatal to those with delicate or compromised digestive or immune systems. Seniors often fall in this category and so they must be extremely careful about where they eat. The reality is that many lower cost food establishments do not have the same quality of food or level of cleanliness as higher quality restaurants. The food from higher quality establishments will certainly cost more, but this extra cost is a small price to pay to have peace of mind that you are getting food that will improve your health rather than harm you. 

Carry a Medical ID Card at all times

A Medical ID Card lists the holder’s blood type, any ailments the person may have, medications they are taking, any medications they cannot take, the name of their doctor, and the hospital at which they are registered. In the event of a medical emergency, where the senior is not able to communicate, using the information on the Medical ID Card, medical personnel can quickly understand how to treat the person. In many cases the senior might be allergic to a particular medication, or be on a particular medication that might preclude a certain type of care. The Medical ID Card will alert them and allow them to take a different and more effective path of treatment.