3 Benefits of Bird Feeders for Your Backyard

Did you know that Americans spend $59.73 million on bird seed every year?

If you want to enrich your outdoor space, bird feeders are an excellent way to reconnect with nature every day. They can enhance your garden aesthetic and improve your local ecosystem.

If you’re thinking about investing in a bird feeder, but still aren’t sure, this guide shows you why it’s always a great idea to invite some feathered friends into your garden.

Read on for 3 benefits of bird feeders.

Table of Contents

1. Learn More About Birds

Birds are fascinating and intriguing creatures. By investing in some bird feeders, you get the opportunity to learn more about them firsthand.

By using different types of feeders, you can learn more about the birds that visit your garden. Try bird feeders on poles for a variety of stunning garden birds, or hummingbird feeders to diversify the birdlife in your yard.

Keep a log of the birds you see, and research different types of bird feed to attract more specimens. Downloading a birdwatching app on your smartphone is a convenient way to identify birds in your garden and your neighborhood.

2. Boost the Bird Population

Between climate change, domestic pets, and a huge loss of habitats, wild birds need your help now more than ever. Squirrel-proof bird feeders provide a year-round food source for your feathered friends without encouraging unwanted pests.

During the winter, overnight freezing can prevent birds from getting the water they need. Be sure to put out fresh water alongside your bird food, especially in the colder months.

Look online for fellow bird enthusiasts in your area. By coordinating with each other, you can build a map of your local bird population and work together to boost it even more.

3. Stay on Top of Insects

Encouraging birdlife in your garden is a great way to stay on top of pesky insects. Giving local birds a safe place to eat will encourage them to stick around and catch mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and other pests.

This provides you with an excellent pest control solution without the need for harsh chemicals or toxic insecticides. This ensures your garden remains a child and pet-safe zone.

Bluebells, swallows, warblers, and sparrows are all common bug-eating birds that your new feeders will attract. Cardinals can eat up to half their body weight per day, and specialist feeders can help invite them into your yard. Click for more information on the best cardinal feeders. 

Enhance Your Garden With Bird Feeders 

If you want to brighten your garden, boost local bird populations, and gain a wonderful hobby, some tasteful bird feeders could be just what you need.

As you add more feeders to your garden, you’ll see more and more feathered visitors each day. Try putting out a range of different foods to attract dozens of species.

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