5 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Accept Homecare Assistance

Around 70% of seniors need some type of long-term care, which is why home care assistance is becoming such a popular option. 

Arranging home care assistance is a fantastic way to get around-the-clock help for your parents and maintain their health. But there are other advantages you may have overlooked when considering this option. Maybe you’re toying with the idea of arranging homecare assistance and you need convincing.  

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are five ways to convince your parents to accept homecare assistance. 

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1. Start Small 

When suggesting home caring for parents, it’s important to start small.

Instead of thrusting it on them, drop hints to ease your loved ones into the idea. For instance, if you know certified caregivers, ask them to come around and connect with your parents on a personal level. Hopefully, they’ll realize that receiving additional caregiving help will make their lives easier.  

2. Practice Empathy 

Although you have good intentions, most older adults don’t want to think their independence is at risk. To prevent any disagreements, put yourself in your parents’ shoes to prevent offending them. So instead of saying “you would benefit from in-home care”, try adding “I feel like…” at the beginning as it’s less demanding.   

3. Be Patient 

Convincing your parents that they need home care services will take time. Don’t rush the process and be patient so you take your parents’ concerns and objections onboard. You should also pose this question in advance as it could take weeks to convince them.   

4. Discuss Health Concerns With Their Physician 

An effective way of convincing your parents is to discuss their health issues with their physician. Your parents’ healthcare provider should guide you through the process so you create a winning argument. Plus, if there are major medical concerns, the doctor will highlight these so your parents can receive homecare assistance quickly. 

5. Share Success Stories  

You may have friends, siblings, or a neighbor who has received home care assistance. Arrange to meet with the recipient and ask whether they could share their experience with your parents. You could even meet with their caregivers to learn more about how assistance can benefit your loved ones’ lives.   

But it’s important to accept setbacks, especially if your parents are stubborn. If you’re struggling to convince them, create a list of reasons why a caregiver is beneficial right now. Make sure you do this early on so you can remind them whenever they argue against it.  

Help Your Parents Accept Homecare Assistance Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, your parents are willing to accept homecare assistance to improve their quality of life. 

The key is to take different angles such as receiving confirmation from your parents’ physician to sharing success stories from people they know. You should also be empathetic to your loved ones’ concerns and be patient as it could be a lengthy process. Good luck! 

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