5 Gift Ideas for Grandpa This Summer

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Are you fresh out of unique gift ideas for grandpa’s birthday this summer?

Does it seem impossible to outdo the gift from his last birthday?

Sometimes it feels like our grandparents have everything they could possibly want. So what can you get grandpa that he doesn’t already own?

Well, leave that to us! We have 5 excellent gift ideas that grandpa won’t just end up tossing inside some old drawer the moment you leave.

A digital (updating) photo frame

FACTS: Grandparents really love photos of their grandkids.

So a digital photo frame would be like the perfect gift, right? But there’s one tiny problem. They…tend to forget to update the pictures.

So you might be visiting one day, and look over only to realize the same 4 pictures from 5 years ago are still on display.

Here’s the easy fix: with a digital updating photo frame, you can hook it up to a Dropbox, Instagram or Facebook account. This allows you to swipe down new photos anytime, with little to no effort.

A gold (or silver) diamond ring or bracelet

Come on, I mean…who doesn’t love a nice silver diamond ring or an eye-catching diamond gold bracelet?

This would definitely be a gift that grandpa would cherish for years to come. And it would be a great accessory to pair with a nice suit.

Gold is a metal that has absolutely no negative effects on your body upon exposure to it. It can even regulate your body temperature and give your body immunity a boost.

This is excellent news to hear as our bodies continue to age.

When it comes to silver, it can help to regulate body temperature and protect us from the effects of radiation from electronic devices.

Itshot men’s diamond jewelry collection has a huge range of silver and gold diamond jewelry.

A technical support subscription

If you’re like me, you also receive weekly phone calls from your grandparents asking things like — “How do I turn my computer on?” or “How do you do that thing where you take a picture of the whole screen at one time?”

And if you’re like me, you probably don’t have as much time as you’d like, to be the technical support person for your grandparents.

But don’t worry, we got a solution. For just $20 a month, you can sign grandpa up for a remote tech company subscription. These companies will get on the phone with grandpa, troubleshoot and fix his tech issues all day long.

Grandpa will wanna hug you and then you’ll want to hug us 🙂

An iPad mini

This gift will really depend on what type of grandpa you have.

However, surprisingly, many seniors have an iPad these days. And even if you didn’t think you needed an iPad, once you own one, you’ll suddenly wonder how you ever lived without it.

It’s great for downloading cognitive games that help challenge the brain to keep learning and growing, which is something we need as we age.

Bluetooth item locator/key finder

Losing stuff sucks. Luckily, technology saves the day again.

A wireless key finder will help Grandpa find his keys in less than a second.

Just strap one of the locators onto a set of keys or whatever item you’d like, and Grandpa can tap the button to make the locator sing out the destination of the lost keys.

We hope we’ve given you at least one (or five) new gift ideas for grandpa. Happy shopping! 🙂