Bucket List Trips That All Seniors Should Take

A bucket list is a list of things you would like to see, do and experience before you die. The goal is to get through everything on that list and as you complete each thing, you take it off the list. The list will usually contain things like eating at a particular restaurant or eating a certain food, it may include perhaps going to see a certain performer or wearing a particular type of clothing and it will always include travel.

 For seniors who may have a shorter bucket list, here are a few suggestions for amazing vacations that should be on it.   

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Go on a Cruise

Most people wonder why so many people go on a cruise every year, until they take a cruise themselves. Cruises are the complete vacation where every desire, need, and amenity is already thought out for you and all you have to do is show up. These floating resorts are equipped with large swimming pools, full spas, casinos, discos, and international shopping. They also have yoga and dance classes, games, parties and gatherings that happen throughout your time on board.  Cabins in cruise ships offer the latest luxuries. You can expect steam showers, Jacuzzi tubs, large screen TVs and in-room dining. Depending upon how much you have to spend, you can be treated like you are the captain of the ship. But don’t worry about breaking the bank because you can always get a good deal on a cruise.

There are cruises that cater to seniors and offer activities aimed directly at their age group. They are also special equipped with a fully stocked and staffed infirmary in the event that someone falls ill. The best part is that cruises usually sail to exotic locations where you can disembark and spend the day on the beach, grabbing a local meal, and shopping to your heart’s content. 

Go on a Safari

Most people never consider going on an African safari. They have an idea that it is similar to going to the zoo and watching the animals. An African safari however is a completely different experience. When you are on a safari, you inhabit the area where the animals reside.

It is educational because your guide teaches you everything about the animals that you come in contact with, giving you greater knowledge and respect for the different species that share our planet. You get a chance to interact with them directly in their environment, and see how they interact with you and with each other and all of the walking is great exercise. Many count an African safari trip as a life-changing experience and one that they are happy to know they have crossed off their bucket list. 

Island Hop

Island hopping is when you plan a vacation around a particular group of islands and you spend a few days on each of those islands. Whether you choose the Bahamas, the Greek isles, Bali and its surrounding islands, the island nation of Tahiti, or any of the dozens of other choices, island hopping can be a one-of-a-kind vacation.

The excitement of knowing that you will only be at a particular place for a short period of time with a goal of experiencing everything there is in that place, adds to the fun. You can contrast the atmosphere, the people, the food, and the amenities of each of the islands to see which is your favorite. If one really stands out to you, you can always plan to come back or even extend your stay there. Do it one time and you will understand why it should definitely be on your bucket list.