Why People Like Real Estate in Newport Beach

There aren’t many places in this country that have such natural beauty, and as much charm, as Newport Beach, CA. For David Giunta Newport Beach is a place to call home. Its sparkling clean, crystal clear ocean water and its golden beach sands are what attracted him to it in the first place, as it does many other people. Indeed, it is one of California’s most prosperous real estate markets and clearly for good reason. It acts as a magnet for people who love the ocean and who want to spend their lives enjoy the various recreational activities that the ocean offers.

What Makes Newport Beach so Popular?

Only around 87,000 live in Newport Beach, but this is rising rapidly. The real estate market, therefore, is also doing very well. Lots of properties are available, but they never stand empty for long. They come in many different sizes and styles. One thing that brings them all together, however, is that they are of top notch quality. People from the Newport Beach community are incredibly proud of their living environment, which is not just beautiful, but also safe and wonderful for the entire family. In fact, this is one of the key selling points for real estate in this town, and something that David Giunta knows like no other.

Newport Beach also has a very comfortable year-long Mediterranean climate and its beaches are some of the cleanest in the country. As such, it is also a very healthy place, because a lot people spend time outdoors, enjoying water sports, walking, golf, and more. Most people boat, young people snorkel, some surf, others walk. Either way, it is a true paradise for those who like to spend time outdoors. And for those who want to get a bit more of a sweat on, there are plenty of volleyball and tennis opportunities as well. Newport Beach is not for those who want to live their lives inside!

The breathtaking ocean views and the near-constant warm sunshine is simply the icing on the cake and only makes Newport Beach even more popular with people looking to invest in property. In fact, many who hope to purchase an investment property here end up moving in themselves, because it is such a wonderful town, with such a great community spirit. The fresh ocean air, the friendliness of the people, the beautiful surroundings, Newport Beach simply seems to have it all.

David Giunta also draws attention to the fact that Newport Beach isn’t only about beauty and health. It is also a place with fantastic culture, a vibrant nightlife, fantastic amenities, and anything else you would expect in a 21st century city. Fantastic dining opportunities suiting any budget, shopping ranging from thrift to designer, and lots of cute bars for a cold drink after a day sunbathing are all available. It is no great surprise, therefore, that real estate in Newport Beach is being snapped up quicker than most can keep up with!