What the incredible country of Costa Rica has to offer

Due to its location on the globe, Costa Rica has a plethora of attractions and incredible, natural landmarks to indulge in when visiting.  If planning a family or personal vacation and looking for somewhere relaxing, cost effective and stunning then Costa Rica is an ideal place to travel to.  Not only home to unbelievable landmarks but also bunches of fantastic Costa Rica vacation rentals available to choose from the make your holiday complete.  Nothing stands between you and the Beaches, Jungles and much more that the country of Costa Rica has to offer you, take a look at just some of the great locations you could be visiting:

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Named after a tree that produces a sweet fruit which grows in Costa Rica as well as other parts of the world, Tamarindo is an extremely popular town on the cost of Costa Rica offering and ocean made for adrenalin fuelled surfing or body surfing as well as spots which are perfect for beginners in the surfing world.  Something extremely magical about this little town is that it is in touching distance from the Playa Grande beach which is a nesting site for the massive leatherback turtles.  Visiting this location will also give you access to activities other than surfing that you probably wouldn´t be able to do in your home town, such as snorkelling Zip lining, diving and fishing.  The locals to this location are known to be incredibly welcoming to tourists and very willing to give you guides and tips on things to take part in while you are visiting.

Lake Arenal

Appropriately named Lake Arenal because of the huge thirty-three square mile lake in which it houses is a site to behold.  Infamous for its water sports activities such as windsurfing, if you are aiming to keep busy whilst vacationing then this is the spot for you.  It also offers lake fishing with a little bit of a difference, swimming beneath the surface are the feisty rainbow fish which prove to be a difficult but entertaining catch and also provide a tasty meal when you cook them up.  The area around the lake offers the opportunity to explore by mountain bike or even by horseback which is an experience you will never forget.  Situated near the lake are two Volcanos, but don´t let this dissuade you, they are incredibly beautiful to look at and add an element of excitement to the vacation.


Positioned almost right in the middle of Costa Rica, home to a thick tropical rainforest, Cartago is a great place to take your vacations in Costa Rica.  The city itself is rich in history such as the Ruins of Santiago Apostle Church and the city museum, both of which you are able to go and see and engulf yourself in the culture of the past and present occupants.   If you are looking for a more educational vacation to see a great deal of the history of Costa Rica and you are wanting to trek through the rainforest to take yourself far away from your day to day routine and surroundings then Cartago is without a doubt the place to visit.

Playa Conchal

If relaxing is your aim on your holiday then it doesn’t get much better than Playa Conchal.  Situated north of the Guanacaste province, the weather is almost constant sun during the day meaning that the water is also a pleasant temperature to relax and enjoy almost like a soothing bath.  Much like the above locations, also available to indulge in if you´re done relaxing are a number of activities such as snorkelling and other water sports.  It´s the perfect place for snorkelling due to the clearness of the water to check out the exotic marine life beneath the surface, there are not many places in the world which give you the opportunity to check out the fish as clearly as the water does here.

Parque Zoológico Nacional Simón Bolívar

Named after the Latin American national founder Simon Bolívar, the Parque Zoológico Nacional Simón Bolívar is the oldest botanical garden and zoo in Costa Rica.  It is located in the centre of San Jose and has over 300 animals and over 60 different species that you can spend your day checking out and due to many of them being animals that are natives to the climate you are able to see the animals almost in their natural environment.  Costa Rica is rich with wild life as a country however most of the times you could spend your whole trip looking to find a certain creature and never actually get to see it, taking a trip to the Zoo will give you the opportunity to see the animal or animals that you are desperate to see, leaving time for you to be able to relax for the rest of the holiday.

As you can see from the above recommendations of some places to visit in Costa Rica that it is an extremely beautiful and different place than what you are accustom to with a great amount of incredible activities and landmarks to see and do.  Something to keep in mind about Costa Rica is that many activities and tours that you take are actually very economical and will not break the bank, this is something favourable to consider about Costa Rica when making your decision on where to take your vacations, be they with your family or solo.