Road Trip Ideas & Planning for Seniors

Are you a senior and part of a group it is looking to do a road trip, or are you just someone who is assisting a group of seniors looking to do a road trip. Planning this type of activity for seniors can be very challenging and demands that you embark on a set of steps that allow you to make sure that everything required is put in place. Seniors have special needs and you have to think through every aspect big and small so as to make sure that you don’t leave out anything important .To help you to get through this complicated but certainly doable task, stick close to this list of important items.

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The Best Senior Choice Transportation

If you dealing with a group of seniors, there’s a good chance that many of them are not drivers or are not good at driving, so planning on having them drive even to your pick-up point for your road trip may not be a great idea. Perhaps the best idea is to rent the bus that will gather the seniors initially and be the transportation for the road trip. When planning a group tour bus rental renting a bus make sure that you get one that is comfortable, as air conditioning and good heating, and can’t allow the seniors to even recline when they sit. This will allow them to take a nap if they choose and to conserve their energy.

Route Planning is Critical

As part of your trip planning, you need to plan out the route that you were going to take for your road trip. Today you can go online and map out any route and then save that to your phone and computer. You can give this route to the driver who will have a up to the second report of where you are on your route. Anyone else in the bus can also follow the route of your road trip. You should also make several backup routes in case of heavy traffic, a road accident, or if you might want you have an alternative more scenic route.

Seniors will Need to Make Stops

Another important area of your planning is to map out rest stops that you can make along your road trip. Seniors will need to have lots of stops to go to the bathroom, get water, stretch their legs, and get snacks. Make sure as you plan out your route, you include many places where the bus can stop and give the scene use a break.

Give the Seniors Something to See

Depending on the route that you’re taking, the road can be long and boring would not much to see. One way to spice things up for your senior group is to plan out little excursions for the group.  Look for some entertaining stops to make along the road that can offer education and entertainment. No matter where you were traveling there always interesting places to spend a few hours. If you know your group and their tastes, makes things even easier. Plan a few of these and space them out along the road.

Book The Right Hotels

If your road trip will take you several days, you need to book accommodations for your senior group. Some seniors have special needs, so this is something you definitely need to do in advance. If any of them require wheelchair access or are mobility challenged, you need to speak with hotels about this specifically to see if they can accommodate you. Do not start your road trip until all your hotels booked so you are 100% sure that you can get your group into the type of hotel that you need.

Seniors Love to Play Games

On a long road trip, there are a lot of hours with nothing to do. You should plan some games for your seniors to play while they’re in the bus. The great news is that seniors love to play games. There are bingo halls across the country filled with senior citizens several nights a week. Ask the seniors which games are their favorites and make sure that you have them available for the bus trip.

Taking seniors on a road can be a challenging thing to do, but made much easier if you plan things out and put certain things in order.