Ryan Shephard – The Characteristics of a Great Policeman

If you have dreams of one day becoming a police officer then it is important that you look at some of those who are doing it best and learn from what they are doing. This is why I wanted to write a piece today about my good friend and police officer Ryan Shephard. Ryan has been working with the police for many years now and he has arrested and brought charges against a great many criminals here. Most importantly however is the way that Ryan works within the community, helping to build bridges between the inhabitants and the police force. For me Ryan is the perfect example of a police officer and here are the characteristics which he possesses that make him so good.


Ryan is not the type of police officer who is draconian or who spends his time solely enforcing the law, he is much more than this in fact. Ryan’s empathy is what has helped him to be able to communicate better with the young people in our area who are struggling, as well as helping a huge number of people who have fallen foul of the law. Ryann understands that not everyone who breaks the law is a bad person and this is why he has been so successful in his job.


A police officer must be dedicated to justice, upholding the law and their job, this is something which Ryan has in spades. In fact Ryan is usually the first person through the door in the morning and the last person there at night. He is widely respected amongst his fellow officers and that is surely because they can see the commitment and the passion that he has for his job.


For all Ryan is humble, respectful and empathetic, he more than understands that there are times in his job when he needs to be aggressive in defending the law. In many situations Ryan has been able to diffuse potential problems because of his strong approach to detaining criminals. We have seen a great deal about police officers who go too far, this is something that Ryan doesn’t allow to happen because he is always on the front foot when it comes engaging in a potentially dangerous situation.


Ryan had always wanted to give something back to the community and for as long as I have known him he has been this way. In fact originally Ryan wanted to be a doctor so that he could help others but alas the services came calling and he took that route. It was no surprise to me when Ryan joined up with the police force and his desire to help others and protect is what makes him such a great officer of the law. Ryan has the unique ability to uphold the law with strength and force, whilst also working hard to prevent people from breaking it in the first place with his work in the community.

If you want to be a police officer you could do a lot worse than model yourself on Ryan Shephard.