Why You Should Donate to a Veterans Charity

Veterans have formed a line of defense around our loved ones and us to ensure we can enjoy the safety, freedoms and liberty we have all come to expect as American citizens. Their major contributions are undisputable and their sacrifices unquestioned. Yet, they often come home and receive very little support.

Part of this occurs because what they do happens away from the eyes and ears of the public and ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thinking always leads to a lack of understanding and empathy. Another part is that what they do reminds us of things we would like to imagine does not happen. Men and women are sent to engage in combat always resulting in death and wounding of themselves other combatants and civilians. The while affair is dirty and most would like to not be reminded of any of it. Our veterans who often sport wounds from the battles in which the country engages reminds us of these conflicts. Finally it is as a result of our forgetting our responsibilities as citizens of this great country. We owe our veterans for their sacrifices and it is our obligation to pay. Because we are not individually or personally called to pay that debt, it is easy to forget it or put it aside.

Yet when we look away from our veterans, we are also looking away from our loved ones and friends, because that is who make up the country’s military.

Not everyone looks away however. There are many great charities around the US that focus on Veteran issues and helping them to get services and goods that they need in order to live comfortable lives and to re-engage with society. These include organizations like Helping a Hero who builds custom designed houses for injured war veterans. These homes come with modified beds, showers kitchens and other areas that make them accommodating to the injuries the veteran has suffered. The love and respect that the veterans feel when they walk into these custom homes for the first time is empowering to them and to the ones who have donated time and energy to get the homes built. They utilize volunteers to build the homes and get much of the materials donated or at cost.

There is a common set of medical and psychological health issues that affect veterans. These include loss of limbs and paralysis on the physical side and horrible conditions like PTSD on the mental and emotional side. Thankfully there are government departments to assist veterans with these issues and to fill in the gaps, there are many private charities all across the country that spend time and money helping veterans and in doing so they demonstrate that we appreciate their service and sacrifice and that we honor our commitment to them and respect what our country stands for.

We all should consider participating in helping veterans and a great way to do this is to involve ourselves with a charity like Helping a Hero. To do this we should donate as much as we can and as often as we can. When we do, we show our children and the world that we have respect for any sacrifice that benefits us, our families and our neighbors. By doing so, we make a better community, country and world.