Stephen Varanko III – The ideal Christmas Day

Given that we are just 6 weeks away from Christmas Day there has been much talk in the office recently about how everyone plans to spend theirs. In fact just last week my colleague Stephen Varanko III asked me what my perfect Christmas Day would be. To be honest I didn’t relay have an answer for him when he first asked me so I took some time to think about it and then thought that I should write a piece on what my perfect Christmas Day would be, and encourage all of your readers to tell me what your perfect Christmas Day is. Here then, is how my Christmas Day would go down.

Where to Spend it

I think that the best Christmas’ are those with lots of kids running around as their excitement is so infectious. I would therefore go to my brothers house with my sister, so that I could have lots of quality time with my nieces and nephews.

The Morning

In an ideal world the kids would come flying into my bedroom around 6am screaming that Santa had been, and then I would go downstairs with them, light the fire and then wake everyone else up. The first couple of hours of the morning would be spent handing out gifts from under the tree, and opening them all together.


The main event of Christmas Day is of course the dinner and this would be lovingly prepared by my wonderful sister-in-law who is a brilliant cook. I would like to eat turkey with all of the trimmings like pigs in blankets and different types of stuffing, and some beautiful brussel sprouts. During the meal we would open crackers and tell the silly jokes that we find inside, and everyone would be wearing the hat that they got in their cracker.

Post Dinner

After dinner is the perfect time for a snooze whilst the Queen is giving her speech, and then perhaps a little brandy whilst I watch some old school comedy classics like Porridge and Only Fools and Horses. I love this lull that happens after Christmas Dinner before the festivities begin once again on the nighttime.


After we have put the kids to bed I would love to play some games and quizzes with the family, and maybe a few friends who have come over too. The nighttime is the best time for picking at the food which has been left over from Christmas dinner, and we could enjoy wine, cheese and crackers. I would finish the day off with a small whisky and the boxing day test, the only time of the year that I watch cricket as its a great chance to spend some quality time with my brother.

This would be my ultimate Christmas Day, what would yours look like?