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How a mobility scooter can increase an elderly persons quality of life

mobility scooter

When we start to age we become less mobile and can no longer do the normal day to day task we used to. This can become really demoralizing to an elderly person who has enjoyed their freedom all their lives and is now having difficulties. Walking or driving to shops, shopping at the supermarket and taking the journey back may sound like an ordeal to elderly people losing their mobility. On top this they may have to downsize their homes. Walking long distances becomes very tiring while driving is not always safe if senses such as vision and hearing start…

Alternatives to Downsizing to a Bungalow


When we reach a certain age it often becomes difficult living in a large home. Elderly couples and individuals can find it hard to move around the home especially when it comes to getting up and down the stairs. The problem is though these people are often very attached to their homes and the memories that they have there, it’s not always easy to move home. On top of this bungalows are in such high demand and its not always easy to find a suitable property. They can also be very expensive so by downsizing you could end up with less…