How a mobility scooter can increase an elderly persons quality of life

When we start to age we become less mobile and can no longer do the normal day to day task we used to. This can become really demoralizing to an elderly person who has enjoyed their freedom all their lives and is now having difficulties. Walking or driving to shops, shopping at the supermarket and taking the journey back may sound like an ordeal to elderly people losing their mobility. On top this they may have to downsize their homes. Walking long distances becomes very tiring while driving is not always safe if senses such as vision and hearing start to deteriorate. But at the same time they do not want to have to start relying on other people. Of course in an ideal world they would keep their independence.

Fortunately the mobility gives elderly people the chance to keep their independence and continue the day to day tasks they need to. This can greatly improve elderly people’s quality of life in the following ways.

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As discussed above this is hugely important. Every grown adult gets used to their independence and losing this independence due to health concerns and mobility issues can very depressing. Mobility Scooters give elderly drivers the chance to continue their lives as normal without having to rely on other people to take them around and do errands for them.



Walking long distances when you have poor mobility can be very dangerous. There is always a risk of a fall or trip which can cause serious injuries to the individual or even worse walking out in front of car when crossing roads.

There is a risk not just to the elderly person but also other people around them especially when it comes to driving. After a certain age when mental and physical health begins to decrease especially the senses it can be hard to spot hazards. This can lead to serious accidents which could endanger both the elderly driver, other drivers and even pedestrians.

Mobility scooters are allowed to drive on the payment so if something does go wrong damage is limited. While we have all seen elderly people driving scooters on the road, this is not permitted and is certainly not the norm. It is possible to get a scooter on the Motability scheme.


Relationships & Well being

Mobility scooters can help elderly people with their relationships in a number of ways. Firstly they are able to travel to local friends houses and visit them and continue their social lives which is important. Elderly people like anyone do not want to sit around the house all day. They want to be out and about talking to people and continuing life as normal as hey age. Without something like a mobility scooter elderly people may .

This can also take a toll on relationships since elderly people may have to become reliant on the people around them. Whether this is their children, friends or family members this can be frustrating from all sides.

Mobility scooters help elderly people with their social lives, independence and their safety and should seriously be considered by elderly people who are suffering from mobility problems.