When Is It Time to Try Assisted Living?

If you know of a loved one aged 65 or older, there’s a 70% chance they’ll need long-term care.

The word “assisted living” seems scary at first. Maybe you’re unsure of putting a grandparent, parent, aunt, or uncle in the care of someone else.

What’s important is what’s in their best interest. We’ll go over what to look out for and when to make that decision.

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They Frequently Fall

Trips and spills are the ones to be concerned about. If a loved one is constantly experiencing falls, their mobility is compromised. While it hurts you to think of the worst outcome, a day might come where they aren’t able to recover or call for help.

An assisted living home means they’ll have around-the-clock monitoring and someone will aid them with walking and maintaining balance. Falls will easily become a thing of the past.

Their Behavior Turns Aggressive

Caring for someone who is aggressive isn’t a reflection of how well they’re taken care of. It could be signs of something more serious, like dementia or depression.

Assisted living facilities employ trained professionals who understand people in those situations. They’re equipped with ways to handle outbursts or sudden changes in behavior and diagnose conditions.

They Need to Socialize More Often

If your loved one is constantly bored at home or without much to do other than housework, it’s time to get them out and about! With senior assisted living, they’ll enjoy enriching experiences with people closer to their age.

Activities for seniors at a place like that include anything from fitness classes to epic game nights. They’ll never experience boredom again and maybe they’ll even think they’re too busy!

Their Home Is Cluttered

A home becomes dangerous when its upkeep is neglected. Simple activities like dusting or decluttering can be hard for the elderly. Being unable to maintain their home results in feeling useless, which no one wants to feel.

An assisted living home takes care of all chores. There’s no need to worry about upkeep or decluttering, your loved one can go on with their day as planned.

Their Nutrition Is Lacking

Spoiled food in the refrigerator or noticing severe weight loss are signs your loved one is struggling with their nutrition. Not being able to cook for themselves or finding the prep work a nuisance are causes for concern.

Healthy meals and someone else doing the cooking are all luxuries of modern-day living facilities. No more worrying if your loved one ate that day, you’ll know they’re taken care of and their dietary needs are met.

It’s Time to Go With Assisted Living

Placing a loved one in an assisted living home doesn’t mean you love them less. In fact, it shows how much you care about their wellbeing and happiness.

And when they move in, it’s guaranteed you’ll notice a difference in their overall health and contentment. They’ll have a brighter future, all because you took the first step with what’s in their best interest.

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