The Benefit of Road Trips As a Retiree

There are two ways to approach old age, the first is the acceptance that you have lived your life, achieved whatever you have achieved and now you can relax in your golden years before the time comes to meet your maker. The second and alternative option to this mindset, is to realize that this is the part of your life where you have little responsibility, cash on the hip and nothing but time with which you can enjoy this next chapter of your life.

I opted for the latter when I reached 70 and one of my most favorite things to do is to jump in the car with my wife and head off for a few days, to anywhere we choose. If you want to add something exciting to your later years, here is why a road trip is such a good idea for retirees.

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You’ve Got The Time

I have things still going on in my life but there is nothing that I absolutely ‘have’ to be around for, and this means that I have more than enough time to jump in the car and get away for a few days. It is likely that as a retiree, you have similar flexibility with time and that means that you have nothing stopping you from heading out on the road for a while.

Avoid Busy Periods

School holidays don’t apply to you, nor do public holidays or rush hour, for this reason you can make sure that your road trip runs like clockwork. Traffic can’t always be completely avoided of course, but the probability can be drastically reduced if you are canny with your timings. Traffic has a way of dampening a road trip and you can avoid this thanks to the freedom which you have.

Be Surprised

I’ve lived in the same area for most of my life but I still always manage to find something very close to my home, which I had no idea that it was there. Throughout life we work and we have responsibilities which don’t always give us the freedom which we’d like in our daily lives. Usually when people to take a break, they like to get far away and this means that we often miss the beauty on our doorstep. Heading off on regular road trips means that you can discover much more of the places that you drove by or straight through in the past.

No Pressure

I always loved the freedom which road trips offered, but there was always a schedule pulling back from any real adventure. As a retiree I find that there are far less things in my life which would mean that I had to be back for a certain time or date and this gives me the freedom to go where I choose and when I choose during my road trip.

Do you like to take road trips now that you have more freedom to do so? Let me know what your favorite routes and destinations are, I’d love to hear from you.