Dressing Up Your Home with DIY Fabric Creations

“Home is where the heart is.” We often hear that, and nothing can be more accurate. Your home is your personal space where you can be yourself and do whatever you want to do. It is your haven from the world outside. And when you talk about home, you think about everything you own and how it all reflects your personality. What better way to inject more of you into your home than decorating it with projects you create by yourself. With DIY home decor projects, one of the best materials you can work with is fabric. With the wide variety of fabric available, you will indeed find material that is perfect for your taste. At Dalston Fabric Shop, there are so many options for the home decor projects you have in mind.

Take a look at some of these DIY fabric home decor ideas for your projects.

Table of Contents

Fabric wall art

Your taste in art speaks loads about you. How about dressing up a bare wall with fabric art? For this project, you need a few materials to create the perfect decor for any room in your home. Find fabric in the colour and design that catches your eye. Apart from that, you will also need a canvas and a staple gun. Lay your fabric onto the canvas making sure that there is extra material hanging on the sides to be stapled behind. This is one of the easiest projects you can do with fabric, but one that adds life and character to your home.


DIY curtains are another easy project that is perfect for beginners. Because it only involves straight sewing, there are no complications involved in completing them to your satisfaction. You can choose a fabric that either complements or provides a contrast to any room of your home. Muslin offers a light and airy feeling, while velvet makes space look more luxurious. Whatever material you decide on, you can show off your taste through the curtains you make.

Fabric Rugs

Add colour to your living room or bedroom with a DIY rug. This is an inexpensive project that only requires basic sewing skills. It is an exciting project, especially when it comes to choosing material for it. Upholstery fabric is the best type of material for a rug, and comes in so many patterns and shades. Other materials include a rug mat, scissors, pins and your sewing machine. All you need to do is cut your fabric and mat to the same size. Cut diagonal lines on the corners. Fold them over for the seam and sew along the perimeter. You now have a colourful rug to decorate your living room and bedroom floor.

Home decorating with fabric can transform any room into something completely different. The choices are yours. When it comes to projects, take a look around your place and see what else you can add to make it truly feel like home. Get your creativity going and make your home your favourite place to be in.