Detailed Funeral Cost Breakdown (Know What Cost to Expect)

Did you know that 120 people die each minute around the world?

There’s no getting around the fact that death is as sure as taxes. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the memory of our lost loved ones. Funerals are one way people can grieve and come together to share stories about the deceased, but they can be expensive.

Are you wondering how much the funeral might cost? Keep reading to learn all about the funeral cost breakdown you can expect.

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The Average Cost of a Funeral

When it comes to a funeral cost breakdown 2021, you must first realize that the price can vary a lot based on a wide range of factors. Cremation is often slightly cheaper than burial, for instance. Other factors that can affect the price include the location, the venue, the exact services involved, and more.

Overall, you can expect to pay a little less than $10,000. However, it’s not uncommon for a funeral to cost double that or even more.

Cremation and Burial Costs

Are you still asking yourself, “How much does a funeral cost?”

If you decide to go with cremation, then you can expect to pay as little as $1,000 or as much as $8,000. This is the cost of cremation alone, and doesn’t figure in other expenses.

For a burial, prices often start at around $9,000, but can be much more than that once you consider the burial’s location, the headstone, and more. In general, a burial can really make the average funeral cost skyrocket.

Funeral Home Fees

The average cost of funeral and burial involves other fees you should be aware of. For instance, most funeral homes charge a flat fee of around $2,000.

There’s also the cost of transporting the deceased’s remains to the funeral home. This can end up being a few hundred dollars.

Without cremation, it’s necessary to embalm the body, which can cost around $750. If you request an open casket, then there’s the charge of preparing the body, including makeup and styling the hair, among other tasks. This can often cost around $250.

Service-Related Fees

The cost of a viewing is usually over $400 because the staff needs to be present. To manage a full-on funeral ceremony, you’re looking at about $500.

The hearse and a service car could run you about $500.

Don’t forget about the casket, which can cost $2,500 or a lot more, depending on the materials and craftsmanship involved.

Fortunately, you can get cremation benches wholesale.

Now You Know the Funeral Cost Breakdown

Now that you’ve learned all about the kind of funeral cost breakdown you can expect to pay, you’ll be able to honor your loved one and celebrate their memory with family members and friends. That way, they can live on in the hearts and minds of the people who knew them.

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