Robert Bassam – The Steps to Get You Driving the Right Car

For the millions of drivers in the US, it all started with their having to find an automobile. Whether the car was purchased from a new car dealership owned by a car manufacturer, or bought from a top used car outfit like Easterns Automotive Group, owned by Robert Bassam, whoever bought it had to go through a process that got them the car. Too many of those purchases caused pain and anxiety for the buyer because they did not know how some simple guidelines that relieve stress and make things a lot easier. Here is a list of those tips for anyone seeking to purchase a new or used automobile.

Only Buy What You Can Afford 

A car purchase is not the same as when you are buying a house. When you purchase a home there is a better than not chance that the value of your home will increase over time. This will almost never be the case with an automobile and as such you should not look to create big debt for yourself when you buy a car. This will mean that you shy away from any car that causes you to take on high monthly payments and cause you to take out a loan or dip deep into your savings to provide a down payment.

To be honest, this will take some real restraint because when you are in the dealership looking at a beautiful shiny new vehicle with a salesman nearly demanding you take a test drive and telling you that he can make the payments work for your budget, you will be hard pressed to find good reasons to say that you are actually only interested in the much lower priced and definitely less equipped budget model. But you must do this if it means that getting that shiny high priced model will cause you to go into big debt.

Finally keep in mind that the higher the price of the vehicle you purchase, the more things like repairs, insurance and maintenance will cost over the life of your car. It may also mean that you will have a bigger engine in the car and pay more for gas.

You are young and have plenty of time to build up big debts from big purchases like cars and homes. Your goal should be to instead, right now save your money. This means you should expect to get a lower priced or used car and expect to have it a while and ideally you want to pay cash for it. Another thing to consider is you are probably a newer driver and this means the chances of your having an accident is increased, so an expensive car will more than likely get banged up. Better to have a less expensive one or even a clunker so when you get or give a ding, you won’t feel twice as bad, because of the cost of repairs.

See all the Cars on Your List Before You Purchase One

Often buyers get so excited when they get into a dealership, that they never make it to another one. Salesmen will convince you that the deal they are offering is only good right now and so you have to make that purchase or you will lose money. This is never the case and you need to be prepared to remember that when you hear it. Kindly say that if the deal is not available when and if you come back, you will see what deal is available and make your decision then. When you go to a dealership never go alone and make sure whoever you bring has his or her instructions to get you out of there and is not more excitable than you. Shopping will mean that you get a sense of what is out there for you and what cars you may like better than the one you just test drove and thought was perfect.