Key Elements to Include in Your Trade Show Display

Carefully plan every part of your trade show booth to get the most of your investment. Participating in trade shows is costly, so it is necessary to put your best effort into pulling off a successful booth. Even with technology making it easy to produce a highquality banner, it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Here are things you should always consider when designing your banner or display.

Graphics. Clear, highquality images are effective in making your trade show display attractive and memorable. People can understand your message even without reading the text. Keep your images simple. Use your own or get stock photos you can download for a minimal fee.

Headline. Like your images, keep your headline short, simple and clear. Keep in mind that your audience might just walk past your booth. A short glance may be your only chance to share your message with them. Make sure your headline is catchy. A short, yet bold, large message that is very visible from afar is also helpful. Pick simple fonts as well. Observe displays of well-known companies; you will notice that they often use bold text.

Description. You should also be careful when writing your company’s description. While it is tempting to include a detailed description of what you do, it is smarter to omit unnecessary phrases. Show your best features or expertise. Again, remember that your audience might only have a few minutes to spare to know what you offer, so you have to make your best out of that time. Avoid long phrases, and just use bullet points. Do not be too technical. For this, you can get the expertise of a copywriter or one who can review your description.

Company name. Make your company logo and name visible for everyone to see. Place large banners above your booth bearing the name of your brand or organisation. This way, you also maximise the space, especially if it is limited. If you do not have a logo yet, it is time to create one now for your business to look established. Make it meaningful and easy to remember.

Website. Do not skip writing your website and social media account details. This is your chance to let others know where to find you online if they do not have time to speak with you at the trade show. It is easy to create social media pages and websites, and they will prove useful in your business. Make your website name easy to recall.

While it is easy to hire experts like to create highquality banners and other trade show displays for you, you do not want to miss important elements you should include. After all, you have the final say on the layout. The key is to keep images and text clear and simple, and the layout clean. Through advance preparation, you will not waste the time and money invested in the trade show.