Is It Time to Turn in Your Car Keys?

Knowing when the time is right to turn in one’s car keys can prove difficult.

For many people, the idea of driving is one of the most important independent actions in their lives.

After years of having the privilege of driving, it is gone like that. When this occurs, the emotional pain can be difficult for many people. Now, they must rely on others or even mass transit to get around.

If you’re faced with such a decision, when will you know the timing is right?

Is Your Vehicle Safe?

As important as driving skills are (see more below), it is also important to assess how safe your vehicle in fact is.

As an example, if you’re driving around in an older model vehicle with little new technology, are you all that safe?

Although you may not be able to get a vehicle with all the safety bells and whistles, do your best to be up to speed on safety.

One way to go about this is with a wireless rearview system from TadiBrothers or another such brand.

The wireless rearview system allows you to see what is going behind your vehicle at all times. You diminish the odds of backing up into another vehicle, a stationery object, even a person. The bottom line is that you have much more protection by your side whenever in your vehicle.

Also make sure that you do not slouch when it comes to regular maintenance on your car or truck.

As you get older, it can be easy to become forgetful on regular maintenance trips to the local mechanic. If this occurs, you end up placing you and others at risk.

Be sure to set a schedule where your vehicle is receiving regular maintenance. This will also help preserve the life of your vehicle for as long as you hold onto it.

Are Your Reflexes Diminishing?

The easiest way to know it may be time to consider giving up driving is when your reflexes begin to slow. Remember, these are both mental and physical reflexes that can be an issue.

For instance, one of the mental ones is forgetting where you left your car keys or where you parked your vehicle. Although both happen to younger drivers at times, they do tend to occur more often as people age.

On the physical side, do you feel as if your reaction time is being hampered these days? If so, you are placing you and others in danger with each instance.

In most states, older drivers are at a higher standard than younger ones. This can mean testing to make sure reactionary skills are still strong enough.

If you’ve had any serious medical issues of late such as seizures, be sure to take those into account. Though you may avoid long retirement trips, you could do local driving with a doctor’s okay.

Knowing when to turn in the car keys is rough on many people.

Of most importance, make the decision on your terms, not your family or doctor’s terms.