What You should Know about the Advantages of Quadrant Shower Enclosures

If you’re thinking about installing a new bathroom or refurbishing your old bathroom, then you might be considering the various kinds of shower enclosures out there. The shower is, of course, the best way to get clean in the morning and relax in the evening – but there are so many choices of shower installations, and it might be difficult to choose the one that fits you and your family best.

You may want to consider the quadrant shower enclosure; it’s becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Are you thinking about installing a shower enclosure but are not sure what to choose? Here’s what you should know about the advantages of quadrant shower enclosures.

Save space

A square shape is a classic design, but it does take up space. The quadrant design is just as comfortable to the bather (in that he or she has just as much freedom of movement), but leaves more space available outside of the cubicle. The quadrant shower therefore saves space whilst leaving your freedom of movement untouched.

Go for the soft shape

There are different kinds of shapes you can get when it comes to the shower enclosure – and whilst angular shapes may indeed complement some features in your bathroom, the quadrant shower enclosure offers a much softer shape that gives the bathroom a much more relaxing and cosier design.

Go with the layout

No two bathrooms are alike – each bathroom is different. Even bathrooms with the exact floor area and the exact wall architecture will show differences, simply because there are different people making use of them. Funny enough, however, the quadrant shower (thanks to its design) fits into most bathrooms very well and turns the bathroom into a little showroom, regardless of its former layout.

Easy to maintain

Not only does the rectangular shape of a shower enclosure give you more glass surface to clean, it also presents you with right angles that usually require more effort to scrub. Corners are harbourers of dirt and bacteria, after all. The quadrant shower enclosure takes care of this due to its curved shape, even when it comes to the quadrant shower door, and its smaller glass area.

Offset option?

If have a little more room to spare – it’s a great idea to go for the offset option, as it comes with left and right fitting styles.

Perhaps the most beautiful feature about the quadrant shower enclosure is that you can bring a sense of style into your bathroom – even the most classic bathrooms benefit from the elegance, cleanliness and subtle approach of its design. It’s the perfect combination between practicality and beauty, and that’s what we should all be striving for.